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Since 1963, the recreated 3rd New Jersey has been bringing the history of The American War for Independence to life for children and adults. We help to create interest in the American Revolution by presenting a variety of period military and civilian demonstrations. Visitors to our events become part of a living 18th century scene. They may look at, touch and talk to soldiers and camp followers of the Regiment, thus creating a living history in three dimensions and full color, an experience that can’t be had by watching television or a movie. Our Revolutionary War era comes alive with all of the historically accurate sights, sounds and smells. It’s exciting, authentic education for all ages, something to be long remembered!

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We love to educate the youth and are willing to work with different budgets and ages. Please contact our Adjutant, Chris Diaman, at wj2help@aol.com or call 201-503-1105 for more information.


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